side hustle to prevent stress

Side Hustle

Take back mental control by engaging in a fulfilling endeavor apart from the primary job.


To regain personal control and autonomy in life by pursuing a passion or interest outside of the main job.


The central issue is feeling stuck in the grind, which often leads to stress and dissatisfaction. Additional concerns include:

  • Lack of financial stability 💵
  • Limited personal freedom due to rigid work schedules
  • Feeling unfulfilled with the current job role 😔
  • Absence of outlets for personal creativity or skills


Engaging in a side hustle or personal side project. Set up a secondary business or job that is fun (!) and brings in extra income. 

In a nutshell:

  1. Identify a skill or interest that can be monetized.
  2. Research the market need and competition.
  3. Plan and start the side project while maintaining the current job.
  4. Allocate specific times daily or weekly for this venture.
  5. Gradually grow the side business into a profitable venture.

My Take

If there is one thing I have learned over the years, then it’s this: stress or even burnout symptoms often come from the feeling “I don’t have control over my life.”

Such a lack of control can come from e.g. a busy family life or a stressful job. And then, this is often why we look for ways to relax, to battle symptoms – instead of addressing the real problem 🧐

Years ago, I noticed a foundational mental change when I started fun projects on the side. It was like taking back the reins of my life. Suddenly, I was not just dealing with stress. I was instead preventing it from happening in the first place 🤘

These side hustles weren’t really about making extra money. The whole thing was about doing something meaningful to me that helped others or simply brought me joy.

And that’s been a mental game-changer for me, which at the same time, then positively impacted my body. I mean, it’s kind of different from other “relaxation techniques.” But it definitely reduced the need for more direct relaxation efforts for me.

The effect can be massive ☝️


  • Additional income (optional)
  • More control over one’s life
  • Outlet for creativity or skills
  • Potential for financial independence 💰


  • Time-consuming
  • The initial phase can be overwhelming
  • Risk of neglecting other important activities (sports, social, etc.)


From my personal experience, here are some tips for starting a side hustle or little side project:

  • Ideas: I regularly listen to several great podcasts to learn about potential side hustle ideas. It’s just fascinating and fun. The possibilities are endless. Side hustle nation is a great starting point to explore ideas.
  • Time management: Ensure you allocate specific hours for your side hustle without disrupting your main job. I reserve the first hour in the morning for my projects. With this, I can make steady progress, i.e., it slowly adds up 📈
  • Market research: Even if it’s only a side project, I’d recommend understanding the demand for your potential product/service to ensure profitability. You will learn a bunch of interesting things when considering e.g. monetarization and user needs. 
  • Patience: Success won’t come overnight, so persistence is key. We are talking about many months here. I have also noticed that the flow generates the fun, i.e., the “doing” and not necessarily the immediate results. Once you get started, just keep the ball rolling.