exercising such as running to improve resting heart rate


Engage in a cardiovascular workout that helps release endorphins, reduce stress, and promote mental clarity.


Achieve inner calm and relax the body through physical activity.


You struggle with finding effective ways to achieve relaxation and inner peace. These problems include:

  • Tight muscles and tension headaches from long hours at the desk
  • Difficulty in managing stress levels
  • Racing thoughts and mental clutter
  • Not being able to sleep well


Running! It’s a simple yet effective method to reduce stress and achieve relaxation, mentally during the run and physically after the run 🙃.

In a nutshell:

  1. Choose a comfortable pair of running shoes and wear appropriate clothing for the weather (actually, the specific dress is not that important to get started).
  2. Start with a slow jog or brisk walk, gradually increasing your pace as you feel more comfortable.
  3. Aim for 20-30 minutes of running per session, 3-4 times a week.

My Take

Running has always been one of my go-to activities whenever I need to clear my head and unwind (I ran about 30 km per week).

Running has many positive impacts. It triggers the release of endorphins, which are our body’s natural feel-good chemicals. These endorphins help reduce stress levels and create a more relaxed mind. In addition, regular physical activity has been proven to improve sleep quality and overall mental health.

So, to me, it’s a simple and effective way to find physical and mental inner calm! Combined with a couple of breathing techniques, it perfectly complements my routines.


  • Easy and accessible
  • Improves overall physical health
  • Enhances mood and mental well-being
  • Promotes better sleep


  • May be difficult for those with joint or mobility issues
  • Takes time to build endurance, stamina, and consistency
  • Weather-dependent


After decades of practicing running, this is what I’ve learned:

  1. Weather: Well, no excuses 😎 it can even feel (mentally) better once you’ve finished a run
  2. Persistency: For each run, I target 10 km as my goal. Only if I feel extremely tired do I shorten this distance. This only occurs once or twice a year.
  3. Entertainment/Education: Podcasts or music help me to manage longer distances without problems. Sometimes, though, I need a digital detox or time to think about topics without any audio. A run is also perfect for that.
  4. Running shoes: I invest in good shoes once a year – anything else (fancy clothes) I don’t care about.
  5. Need more motivation? There are many complex positive things happening in your body during and after runs in terms of biological processes (👉 e.g. minimizing excessive inflammation). This keeps me motivated further.