Rub your hands together to create warmth, then place them over your closed eyes to relax and relieve eye strain.


Achieve relaxation and relief for the eyes 👀 and mind.


Eyes and mind are strained, causing discomfort and mental fatigue.

  • Prolonged screen time
  • Stressful work or daily life
  • Insufficient breaks for the eyes
  • General eye fatigue


Palming is an eye relaxation technique that promotes mental calmness.

In a nutshell:

  1. Find a comfortable seated position.
  2. Warm your hands by rubbing them together.
  3. Place your elbows on a table or your knees, ensuring your shoulders are relaxed.
  4. Close your eyes, and then gently cover them with your cupped hands 🤲. Avoid higher pressure on your eyeballs.
  5. Focus on your breath and visualize darkness or a calming scene for a few minutes.

My Take

Palming is simple, sufficiently effective (at least in my case), and can be performed just about anywhere. I stumbled upon palming several years ago and continue using it now and then.

I take a quick palming break whenever my eyes become weary, or my mind feels cluttered. This technique is absolutely perfect at work or during a busy day. It assists me in refocusing and feeling revitalized. My hands seem to soothe my eye muscles, allowing me to switch off mentally, even if just for a brief moment.

You really have to try it out right now after reading this paragraph 🙂 it just works.

As far as I could research, it’s not entirely clear if this relaxation method triggers some biological processes (e.g. help balance stress hormones like cortisol). However, speaking from personal experience and after practicing for years, it undoubtedly promotes relaxation in both my eyes and mind, making it a valuable tiny technique in my arsenal to take a break 😎.


  • Quick and easy to do
  • No special equipment needed
  • Can be done almost anywhere
  • Provides instant relief


  • May not be as effective for severe eye or mental fatigue
  • Some people might feel uncomfortable covering their eyes
  • Rather a complementary relaxation method


Palming is straightforward; here is what still comes to my mind based on my experience with it:

  • The first rule is: make sure your hands are clean before starting. 😬
  • I carefully adjust the pressure of my hands to find the most comfortable position.
  • I sometimes practice deep breathing while palming to enhance relaxation. As I said before in the Cons section, to me, palming is also a complementary technique.
  • No fixed timeframes: Typically, I practice it for only a couple of minutes or even a single minute. ⏱️ That’s what I like about it: simplicity and no formal sessions.