binaural sounds

Binaural Sounds

Listen to audio tracks with different frequencies to promote a relaxed mental state and reduce stress.


Achieve deep relaxation and reduce stress through sound therapy 🎵


Stress and nervousness hinder inner calm and relaxation, specifically:

  • Difficulty in calming the mind from racing thoughts
  • Struggling to reach a meditative state
  • Trouble falling asleep or experiencing disrupted sleep
  • Difficulty maintaining focus and concentration


Binaural sounds (or Binaural beats), a therapy technique using two different frequencies played separately in each ear, can help synchronize brainwaves and promote relaxation. 

In a nutshell:

  1. Find a comfortable space, and sit or lie down.
  2. Put on a pair of stereo headphones 🎧
  3. Choose a binaural beats track specifically designed for relaxation or meditation.
  4. Close your eyes and focus on the sounds, allowing your brain to adjust and synchronize with the beats.

My Take

As I write this technique summary, I’m actually listening to binaural sounds myself, and I must say again, it’s perfect for helping me stay focused! 👌

Binaural beats are an intriguing sound therapy method where two different tones play, one in each ear, creating a unique auditory experience. Some people believe these sounds can significantly help with relaxation – I am still testing it along with white noise sounds.

I came across a study where participants listened to either binaural beats or another sound after exercising. Interestingly, those who listened to binaural beats reported feeling more relaxed, and their bodies also showed signs of relaxation. Although there wasn’t a noticeable difference between the two sounds at the end of the 20-minute session, the binaural beats group felt more at ease than the other group.

This finding, among others, suggests that binaural beats might indeed have the potential to help you unwind and achieve a sense of calm. And based on these scientific experiments and interesting results, I decided to also include this technique here on my site☝️


  • Non-invasive and (super) easy to use
  • Can be done anywhere with headphones
  • Wide variety of tracks available for different purposes
  • Can be combined with other relaxation techniques


  • May not be effective for everyone
  • Requires stereo headphones for optimal effect
  • Can be distracting for some people


I mean, binaural sounds can be simply enjoyed by pressing the play button, and there is not much you need to pay attention to. Some additional loose thoughts:

  • Invest: I typically spend a more extended listening period (60-90 minutes) to check if it can help me stay focused or promotes calmness.
  • Patience: For better results, I also try to be consistent with all my audio practices, playing the tracks on a daily basis for several weeks.
  • Experiment: I experiment with different frequencies or playlists to find the best one for my situations and preferences. I am just listening to a Spotify playlist with binaural sounds.
  • Combine: I combine binaural sounds with other relaxation techniques like deep breathing or visualization. This makes a lot of sense to me – the sounds perfectly fit into such sessions.